Switchless TEST

Company of one

If you are building a product company all by yourself, you dont have a lot of time to waste. You are writing code, talking to customer, handling operations, managing consultants. This tech stack is specifically designed for the constaints of a single person team.

Of course, if your team is more than one person, you can still use this stack but the usabilty of the stack becomes a grey scale. At the other end of the grey scale, if you have a 100 person engineering team, you will most likely outgrow this stack or will customise it heavily.

Constraints of single person team

This tech stack respects the following constraints of a single person company:

  • minimise switching cost
    • master one programing language
    • avoid frontend/backend complexities.. keep it simple.. keep it server rendered most of the time.
  • avoid managing servers as much as possible - embrase managed services
  • focus on things in this order
    • customer
    • product
    • reliabilty
    • avoid fancy (fancy ui/fancy workflow - they are likely to be flaky)
    • minimise complexity
    • lesser the better