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Setup metabase

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The process for setting up metabase follows our standard method for deploying any open source subsystem. Dockerise it and make sure the ec2 machine is disposable at any given point of time.

Instructions to setup

  1. Create an application on elastic beanstalk. Choose docker as the platform.
  2. Pull this config code from https://github.com/asyncauto/metabase and upload it to beanstalk
  3. Create a postgresql db
  4. Create DNS mapping on cloudflare
  5. Add the following env variables to eb env
MB_DB_DBNAME: "metabase"
MB_DB_HOST: "abc.database.com" 
MB_DB_PASS: "mypassword" 
MB_DB_PORT: 5432 
MB_DB_TYPE: "postgres" 
MB_DB_USER: "rdsuser"
SERVICE: "metabase"

Email config - Metabase smtp setup

In Mailgun create a new smtp user - [email protected]

Fill up that details on metabase

Test to see if it works

Also tried the reset password to see if that works