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Creating a copy of the production database in your local host

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  • author: #alex

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1) Take backup using table plus

  • Pg version 12.0
  • Options - none. Remove all options

2) Clean up the file

The dump file will contain permission grants to database users created on production db.

If you dont have those db users on your local postgres server, you need to cleam up the file

  • Once you get the file, open the file
  • Search for rdsadmin and metabase
  • Comment out these lines containing rdsadmin or metabase

3) Drop the db locally

You can do this using tableplus or with terminal

sudo -u alex.jv dropdb sanitiser_test

4) Create the database locally

Again you can do this via table plus or via terminal

Create database mralbert_test

sudo -u alex.jv createdb mralbert_test -O rdsuser
  • change alex.jv to your mac username
  • change mralbert_test to the name of your database

5) Restore database

psql mralbert_test < mralbert.dump
  • change mralbert_test to the name of your database
  • change mralbert.dump to the name of the dump file