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Create Local DB Server with PGAdmin

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  1. Install postgres. Make sure this is running whenever you want to use the db.
  2. Install pgadmin - https://www.pgadmin.org/download/
  3. If you open postgres, you can see that there's a server created already.

![](/files/Pasted image 2.png) Note that, under the server you can see existing databases.

  1. How to create a new database:
    In pgAdmin, right click on the local server to get the option.

![](Pasted image 3.png) 6. Set a name and choose and owner
![](Pasted image 4.png)

  1. By default, you have one set of credentials to access this db - the owner's credentials

  2. Connect to the db using TablePlus:
    ![](Pasted image 5.png)

  3. How to create new logins for db:
    ![](Pasted image 6.png) Set name, password, privileges, etc
    ![](Pasted image 7.png) Use the new username and password to connect to db.