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Auto Saving Forms

  • Keywords:#pattern
  • author: #alex

To auto save forms,

  • When user starts creating an object through a form, create a draft entry of the the form in database
    • Redirect the user to the edit page of this draft object
  • On user editing the page, trigger an ajax call to save the form in DB
    • There are couple of triggers to save the form
      • Periodically - example, every 10 seconds
      • On event - example, when the user moves to the next field

//Save on form change

//Save every 10s
 // setInterval(save,10000);

// trigger a save every 10s
var save = function autosave() {
    jQuery('form').each(function () {
            url: "/form/:form_id/save", //url to save the form
            data: jQuery(this).serialize(),
            type: 'POST',
            success: function (data) {